Sunday, February 14, 2010

Retreat Countdown: 9 more days ... our first YouTube meditation video!!

9 days!  Before you know it the day will be here.  Isn't it interesting how when you anticipate something months away it seems like it will never get here; yet, when it's only a few weeks away, all of a sudden it seems like time is flying!

No meditation so far today.  I banged my knee on the dashboard in my car this afternoon.  *ouch*  Definitely will be sitting in a chair to meditate today!  (oh, and, um, yeah, you can see i am totally sitting the way i'm not supposed to be sitting in the video.  busted!)

Troy and I were playing around with the video camera last night between meditation sessions and recorded a video of him playing the crown and root chakra crystal bowls accompanied by Healing Meditation One by Randon Myles.  Comment and let us know what you think of our very first video!!

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