Friday, February 5, 2010

Retreat Countdown: 18 Days - an unexpected lesson in mindfulness

Last night I received my final confirmation email for the retreat and I am now all set and on-course...for the course!!

I am scheduled for the MRI of my knee next Thursday.  The following Thursday is my follow-up visit to get the results.  Obviously, we won't be doing anything until I return from the retreat, but at least this way I will know specifically what the damage is and what my true limitations are for sitting.

One thing I came to realize this whole knee-experience is teaching me is mindfulness!  The doctor discouraged me from wearing the knee stabilizing brace as it could actually make it worse.  The brace was good because it helped me keep from twisting my leg the wrong way when I walk.  In other words, I didn't have to think about walking, the brace protected me from my own actions.

Since I can't wear the brace, I am now having to be much more aware and mindful of my steps, walking, and movement in general to ensure I don't step or twist the wrong way and injure my knee more.

Being mindful of walking, something we take for granted and do without thought, is an interesting experience and excellent practice for mindfulness!!

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