Thursday, February 11, 2010

Retreat Countdown: 12 Days ... Success continues!

This morning I accomplished another 25-minute sit in an upright, sitting position (as if in a chair).  I've been very careful and taking it easy with my knee so it's not bothering me as much, but I still don't feel safe sitting with my legs bent.  I have my MRI today and follow-up next week, so hopefully I will find out if the damage is permanent or self-healing.

I also drank my last Pepsi last night.  *gasp*  I do not drink coffee, so that is not an issue for me, thank goodness!  I am drinking Vitamin Water and regular water now in preparation for the retreat.  I'm concerned that a sudden stop in Pepsi intake can result in severe headaches for a couple of days.  The first few days of the retreat will be challenging enough, so I don't need headaches to add to it.

Yesterday I went shopping for the basic toiletries that I will need.  We got more sweat pants and sweat shirts for the retreat while we were in St Augustine, so I'm all set there.  Just a few more things to pick up and I should have all that I need and ready to start packing!  Not to mention, multiple list-making!!! Yaaahhh!

I'm feeling more focused and am ready to start this retreat!  Still slightly anxious, but have no expectations and look forward to what will unfold.

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