Sunday, January 24, 2010

Retreat Countdown: Day 30

Last night was meditation so I did not sit in the morning, only in our evening sessions which total about 1-1/2 hours in meditation for the day. Today, I have not meditated at all, which is okay. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break. Especially since my knee is swollen again. It's so swollen I can't bend it without some discomfort and sometimes there is a sharp jabbing pain underneath the knee cap. I'm trying to give my knee a little break and see if it will get better. I hope I don't have to spend the entire retreat sitting in a chair!!!

I sent an email on Friday to confirm my reservation to attend the retreat next month. The course requires that you confirm your intention to attend between 2-4 weeks before start of course. Haven't received a confirmation of receipt from them yet.

Before you know it, the day will have arrived!!

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