Sunday, August 30, 2009


When sharing the timeline for each day during the retreat with a few of my fellow co-workers, one jokingly  replied, "Sounds great and perfect for you, but I'd rather poke a pencil in my eye!"  To which I responded, "Ah, but if you poke a pencil in your eye, you lose the sight of that eye.  If you spend 10-days in silence, think of the inner sight you will gain."

Seriously, though.  Why do I want to attend this retreat?
  1. Because I know that meditation has the potential to change lives, and as a result, change our world.
  2. To learn the technique and how to apply it to my life from qualified and dedicated teachers so that I may live a more peaceful and aware existence.
  3. For the knowledge and self-confidence that can be gained from a commitment to and completion of the course.
I believe that techniques which are taught free with no strings attached, no cult associations, no recruitment in mind, and no personal or financial gain to the teacher, are the ones most worthy of exploration.  I already know and understand the wealth of benefits bestowed upon a disciplined meditator.  I have read multiple accounts of people who have attended the same program and have all spoken similarily about their experience.  The first 5-6 days are pure hell as you struggle with the ego.  But when the ego finally releases your mind, you break through into the bliss, the knowing, the connectedness to all.

Will this blissful state be my personal experience?  I do not know.  It is my intention to attend with no expectations.  To be dedicated to the code of discipline and to surrender to the will of the teachers and their teachings.  I will follow this path and see only where it leads me.  Perhaps to many answers -- or -- if I'm blessed, only to more questions.

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