Sunday, August 30, 2009


Registration for 2010 courses begins September 1st. I am waiting for Troy to give me an answer if he wishes to attend with me, and if so what date.  I have already printed out the application and have started sharpening my pencil.

I know I want to take the course in the first quarter of the year. Some time ago I had the month of March in my mind and it just "feels" right.  There are two course offerings which both fall in March -- one at the end of February, beginning of March and the next in the middle of March.

Of all the choices I have, these are the dates available:
  • January 13th-24th: Can't do because of year end responsibilities at work & lack of available vacation days
  • February 3rd-14th:  Same as January
  • February 24th-March 7th:    This is when I *want* to go 
  • March 10th-21st:  Can't do this one because my co-worker has plans during that timeframe.
  • April 14th-25th:  If I can't do Feb 24th-Mar 7th, then this will be the course
Once we choose the course date, then it's more than just something I'm "going to do", but something I AM doing and I can tell you exactly when I'm doing it too!

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