Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It happened again!

Picked up a book this past Friday that for some reason really seemed to pull at me.  "Broken: A Love Story" was written by Lisa Jones and is the story of a Native American healer and horse-handler who is a quadriplegic.  It's an account of her personal experience while writing an article about him, which eventually lead to the book I'm reading.  It's her experience of unexpected self-exploration and healing. (It's actually quite good, if you're interested.)

About halfway through the book, guess what she mentions???  Her and her boyfriend, not only attending Vipassana retreats...but she actually worked at a meditation center for a year!!!

Also saw a flyer last Friday for a center that leads Vipassana Meditation as well.  This is meant to be!  I'm seeing it everywhere I go!

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