Monday, March 22, 2010

Goenka group sit meditation mp3s

I am TOTALLY psyched! I found some mp3s of S.N. Goenka leading group sits - with chanting - for FREE! After sitting in the course, I find his voice to be most soothing. Even if I don't understand all of the chants, I know they are powerful and meant to aid in meditation. I am looking forward to sharing this with our meditation group!

Here is the link for the mp3s:

PLEASE be sure to donate something for the mp3s to the site owner. This is a great blessing to find these and we want to make sure they remain available to others for free as well!

-- update to the update !!

I just found another site where you can download the discourses for each day of the 10-day course, as well as the chants in Hindi.  In the chant mp3s I purchased he is chanting for 45 minutes (not just before and after a meditation period).  Read carefully before clicking the "add to shopping cart" button.  Also confirm you are getting the language version you want because they offer a wide variety.   There are a host of other mp3s you can order on there as well.  $10-$35/each.  I found the download process to be fairly easy.  The first time I ordered I got the download link within a couple of hours.  The second time it was about 24 hours before I got the download link.  Not bad for a small organization, I think.  Recommend!
It's here:

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Glying Shido said...

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