Thursday, May 20, 2010

New direction for blog

Troy and I have been invited to speak on an internet radio show today about meditation.  We do not have any certifications that proclaim us Meditation Teachers.  We can only speak from our hearts about what we have learned thus far, how we apply it, our personal experiences, and the personal benefits we've experienced.

As a result, I've decided to take my desire to share meditation to another level.   This blog will be expanded to include all forms of meditation.  Hopefully by sharing what we've learned, then receiving feedback from other practitioners, we can grow our knowledge and expand our practice together.

If you have any suggestions or input, please share!

If you'd like to listen to us on the radio, or listen later to the archive of the show, visit:

The show is today, May 20th from 6-7 PM.  Anyone can call in and make comments about their practice or ask questions - that means any of you too! 917.889.7423 (Not toll free, sorry...)

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