Saturday, May 22, 2010

babies know how

This morning the realization came to me that babies live in the Now.  Each moment is a new experience to them.  They cry when there is discomfort or hunger.  They cry when they want attention.  But the majority of babies do spend a great deal of time either sleeping (dreamwalking?) or staring at the ceiling or a mobile they can't reach or touch.  So until a basic need arises; discomfort from a wet diaper, hunger pains, or the desire for soothing or attention, babies live in the moment.
Each and every one of us was once a baby.  No skipping that phase.  (Although I joke my son was born a toddler because of his size at birth.)  But each of us, at one point, lay in a crib and stared at the ceiling.  Only later do we develop the desire for more and more stimulation.

It would then stand to reason that each of us know how to live in the Now.  But as we grew older we began to rely more on outside stimulation to help us develop into who we are.  We have become addicted to all this external stimulation, and as a result, have forgotten how to live in the Now.

As the old e-mail joke which has circulated many times said, we spend our childhood wanting to be older, become older and then decide we want to be a kid again.  Who says you have to be older to embrace your inner child?  Why not do it now, no matter how old you are.

Go outside and dance in the rain (preferably without lightning around).  Skip from your doorway to your car.  Whistle.  Ride a bicycle. Skip a rope! Sing a silly song in the car on your way to work; something like, "Jack and Jill" or "Humpty Dumpty".  Have fun and be silly!

Enjoy life while we can.  Advice I know I should heed more, and I have a feeling, more of you out there could stand to do so as well.

Be Happy!

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